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Shannon has been such an integral part in my emotional and spiritual transformation over the past couple of years. I met Shannon during a time of despair and hopelessness. I was in my PhD program and willing myself to continue on the path despite years of mental distress, which had included multiple psychiatric diagnoses and medications. I wasn't very aware of the spiritual nature of my experiences, just the almost continual debilitating suffering. Shannon treated me with love and compassion during this time while helping me to understand and get in touch with my spirit guides (a totally new concept for me). My guides offered words of comfort, unconditional love, and advice -  like suggesting I leave my program - which I acted upon. Since then my road has been one of self-empowerment and taking responsibility for my own joy, peace, and creation with the aid of Shannon and my guides.  I have been wholly supported by Shannon in my journey as I have stumbled forward toward accepting my own worthiness and perfection. I feel so blessed that even though I was in such a low state I was able to attract Shannon into my life, and I'm so grateful that she has so solidly supported me along my way. Her ability to be present with my questions and experiences is truly amazing and I can honestly say that since beginning my work with her just a year and a half ago, my life experience is completely transformed. 

- Sarah S.

Over the past several years, Shannon has helped me move through many moments when I've felt stuck, confused, and uninspired. The guidance that she’s provided has illuminated my path and given way to a passionate and purpose-filled life. She has helped me come into alignment with my truth and has reminded me how to welcome joy back into my life. The relationships Shannon helped to build with my nonphysical support team has given me a sense of peace that is unlike anything I have ever experienced. I now know that I am never alone, that I am always supported, and that this life was meant to be enjoyed. I can let my hair down now and shine my light out into the world. I’m forever grateful.

- Ashana R.

I attended the “Co-creating With Your Spiritual Partners” retreat and it turned out to be perfect timing for me and just what I was searching for. I very recently retired from a very stressful career and had been pondering where do I go from here. I had been turning inward, seeking the beautiful world within for several years in my search to find the real me. Through this process of searching I would receive what I felt was guidance, yet at times would question my connection and I was desiring to have a better picture and understanding of this process. What a wonderful weekend. I received confirmation, direction and access to inner guidance that was vivid and detailed. I came to understand and feel confident with the unique way in which I receive guidance. I left the retreat feeling refreshed, expanded and more confident of my inner wonder. My life was definitely enriched by the connections made and affirmations given me to trust myself. I left with a stronger connection with, and appreciation for my “partners”. I feel a new found momentum in exploring with a more relaxed and joyful manner the world of opportunity in my search for “whats next”. Thank you for sharing your special gifts.      - Karen F

I attended the co-creating with spirit retreat and it was so much more than I could have ever expected. What happened over the course of the weekend sparked a major shift in consciousness that has altered the way I see my myself. My mind has been literally blown open to a whole other world where I exist not alone but in a literal co-creation with energy greater than myself. I came away with a new understanding of the universe around me and it has made my life so much richer. This shift could not have happened without the amazing and seamless facilitation of Shannon and Mara. The container they created from the moment I got there felt safe and loving. I also greatly appreciated that they gave us tools to keep working with our spirit guides and power animals so that the retreat didn't end when we went home - it continues as I build these new relationships. I am forever changed - thank you!      - Allison R.

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